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    Mis calculation Percent ports used


      We seem to have a series of issues with the new UDT application, on top of the same issues other has reported in regards to missing ports and MAC/VLAN info not being collected, I’ve also noticed that the Port currently in use is calculation the percentile based on the combined amount of ports  on a switch despite they are physical or logical, which provides a very wrong picture of the actual amount of ports used.


      The following is the worst case I’ve yet discovered, but naturally the more stacked switches and VLAN’s configured the further off the calculations will be.


      The switches in question is 4 x WS-C3750G-24PS stacked together, each with 28 physical ports making a total of 4x28=112 physical ports. However since UDT is using all ports for the calculation its using the number 136 as total ports which is made up of 112 physical ports and 24 local ports


      Naturally such a deviation will result in a wrong calculation of actual physical ports in use. I notice that UDT is using the Interface Type = Ethernet-csmacd for physical ports and propVirtual for logical ports, is there any means to get UDT to use only physical ports in its calculations?