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    Bulk Node Import


      Please Please Please create a way to import a spreadsheet full of nodes into Orion NPM!!!

      I provide a pre-configured Orion to Navy ships, and adding nodes 1 at a time is a royal pain. We pre-configure Orion because we have many custom maps built, and we don't have a lot of time onboard the ships. I used to be able to do this via an SQL insert statement, but with NPM 10+ that hasn't worked.


      Top Priority Request!!!



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          I get what you are looking for and this is not a solution for that but have you considered taking your list of IPs and using that for the discovery.  In the discovery you can use a list of IP addressess. You can copy and paste the column of IPs in the spreadsheet you already have and use that to perform your discovery only on those selected nodes.

          Still not a perfect solution for you but does do a targeted discovery of only what you want and better than one at a time.

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              For this situation that doesn't do much good, because we are trying to pre-build our network maps. If we do a discovery on the ship, we still have to go into each map and assign nodes to items on the map. I'm trying to be able to just plug my server into the network and turn it on, because days of work on the ship cost tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars in overhead and support costs.