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    SecureCRT SSH integration


      Ok - I know we can modify the SolarwindsMenu thingy to get ssh options *IF* we have the engieneers toolkit and toolkit integration enabled.

      Is it possible to have similar options w/o having to have the engineers toolkit?  Being able to ping/ssh from ANY workstation that can login to the Orion server would be a really cool option, and on top of that, if anyone has any experience integrating Van ****'s SecureCRT to do SSH, I would love to hear how -

      I have about 8 folks that are licensed for SecreCRT, but only 1 for engineers toolkit. Being able to have ping, SSH, nslookup or other customizeable links/programs would be AWSOME. (Again, W/O having to have the Engineers Toolkit!).

      Maybe its there and I am just not seeing it?