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    License Renew : Kiwicattools v 3.4


      Hi Team,

      We just got our Kiwicattools license renew for v3.4 . But on the link provided by you we have Kiwicattools v3.6 dump along with the New Licence.

      We have a some queries

      1. Do we need to upgrade our Kiwicattools from v3.4 to v3.6 in order to use the new license or we can use the new License on V3.4.
      2. If we need to upgrade, do we have to uninstall the v3.4 and then do fresh installation of v3.6.
      3. If we do fresh installation how we can save our device information that we have added to v3.4


      Below are our credentials associated with Solarwinds


      Let us know if any thing is required from our end.


      With Regards,

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