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    Bandwidth Utilization - Actual Throughput


      Hello all,

      This may have been asked, and if so, i appologize in advance.

      I'm new to orion and the reporting etc.etc.  Our current config is Main Site w/ riverbed WAN accelorators with remote sites and riverbed devices as well.

      We currently run and MPLS network and purchased the orion software to determine what is actually flyin across the WAN. 

      what is the best display/report/graph whatever that will give me the actual data that has transversed the WAN based off the serial interface on the edge routers?

      What i'm looking for is utilization so if my site A has a T1 link, i'd like to be able to say, "Over the last month our utiization of this T1 link has been x".

      This data would be used to determine if we can add more services to the WAN links w/o adding more bandwidth.
      We are also looking into adding QOS both on the MPLS network and our current WAN which currently has no QOS applied.

      thanks in advance.

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          quadman101, sorry for the delayed reply. 

          Are you currently collecting any information via NetFlow? Have you set it up already? Unfortunately, it won't give you great insight it to what is being accelerated / compressed versus regular traffic (you riverbed web interface should provide some information on this). However, for any non-accelerated portions (ie: you connection to your SP for access to the Internet) you should see a good break down of what's going across the wire. 

          For Riverbed specific information, take a look at these UnDPs and reports

          WAN Optimization Reports for Orion