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    IBM AS/400 support


      Hello all,

      I'm new to the SolarWinds suite of products and I'm in an information gathering phase. I've searched the forum already for relevant posts and some of them helped but I have a couple other questions.

      I'm trying to find information about the monitoring capabilities for the AS/400 platform. I see that some users have had success in monitoring them already. How seamless is this process? Are there any special modules I'll need to add to Orion to get this capability? What kind of information will I be able to get from the server?

      I know that the IBM-specific MIBs aren't available for download. If the MIBs become available, can I upload them to Orion and get access to that info? Am I able to access any info at all without the MIBs?

      Sorry for all these questions but I'm really clueless with a lot of things about Orion and have only a bit of SNMP understanding.

      Thanks all!