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    NPM Alerting


      Hi all,

      Before i raise a ticket on this subject I was wondering if someone on Thwack could answer my questions. I have alerting set up for various UNDP pollers and everything is working as it should. But i was wondering if its possible to do the following:



      1. Edit the Alert page on Orion NPM web console. The issue I have with the current layout is that it does not show up the name of the node with the problem such as that for APM (it simply says something like Exchange Server 2000 and 2003 which means nothing to the reader without further investigation) or it will combine it with the UNDP poller variable under the Network Object column and that can make it fairly untidy looking (due to the lack of spaces allowed and no duplicate name requirements of these pollers). You can create a message that you are able to send to the Network Performance Monitor Even Log, but i do not believe you can get this to show up on the Alert web page. If we could, this could solve my problem, otherwise a column for the Node name of the device that triggered alert would be handy (possible feature request)
      2. Alert and notes history. Currently I do not believe you can trace historical alerts on the website and if you add notes to an alert, you cant search the alerts to read these notes. I do not see the point in a notes option if you cant trace them historically. Am I missing something here or is it that this features development is on-going?
      Thanks in advance to anyone willing to help me out here with either of the above issue that I have. I personally believe this is the most important page on Orion as all your network issues are maintained here so developing this should be a priority.
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          Answering to your first question.

          I don't think you can add a new field in the Alerts page for displaying "Node Name".Basically you cannot add new fields to Alerts page.

          Coming back to your requirement on Alerts page.This is how it works.

          The field "Network Object" on the Alerts page is going to display the data coming from the OID sysname for the device in question.If the SysnameOID data is blank then by default it is going to show the IP address.

          You may cross check this for the device which is not showing its Node name(or Sysname) on the Alerts page.

          Log into the database and look for the table Nodes.Check for the data in the Sysname field in that table.If that field is blank then it would display the IP address by default.If not then it should pick the Sysname data from that table and display in the Alerts page under "Network Object".

          Going a step further you may also run a snmp walk for the device and see what is the value for Sysname OID.

          To run snmpwalk you may download the tool found in the link below.


          After installing,navigate to External tools-->Classic tools-->SNMP Tools-->MIB walk.This should help you to do a snmpwalk for the device in question.


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              Hi Nandish,

              Your correct that the Network Object will show the name or IP address for NPM alerts but i have APM alerts at the moment and it simply says "Disk Read Bytes per Second" or "Percent Free Space" etc which unless you hover over the Alert, you cannot see which Node the Alert has come from. This is possibly a feature request alongside point 2 above. Can these be added to the feature request list please ?