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    Collect Cisco serial numbers

    Andy Lawson


      I'm trying to use a demo version of Kiwi Cattools to collect serial numbers from Cisco switches. The OID I'm interested in is .

      I added the OID above as "SNMP custom 1" on the Options tab of the Report.SNMP.System summary and ran the report against a couple of switches.

      Looking through the Info Log pane, I can see an error "SNMP Custom 1 Skipped: Invalid SNMP OID number specified".

      I can use snmpget from the CLI of a different box to return the SN of the same switch with the OID above, so I know its the correct OID.

      What am I doing wrong? A twenty minute search failed to turn up any Cattools specific documentation so I'm not really sure if I'm using the product correctly.