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    Fail Over Engine Experiences


      We purchased FoE some time back but I have not yet implemented it.  I am considering setting it up but am curious to hear how it is working for others?

      Is it working as expected?

      Has it caused any problems in your environments?

      Are there any potential issues I should watch out for?

      Any other information about it you would like to share would be great!

      Thanks in advance for any and all responses!

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          Hi Byrona

          its works now

          but i had some problems in the process..


          1.read the install 2 time :-)

          2.read the kb from solarwinds

          3you could have problem if you use broadcom nics.

          4.you better run the install from the server or from ilo interface and not from rdp.

          5.When you running p2p install the shadow copy can take some time ...

          6.SW support still didn't master the FoE (I got nice support from SW but  neverfail was needed  very fast).

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                I did read the Tech Ref, thanks Andy.

                After reading it and thinking about the entire environment I am not sure the product makes a whole lot of sense for us.

                Just to think out loud for a sec...

                Both of our pollers run as VM's in a HA environment with regular snapshots taken as well as nightly backups.  With these things in place we have both DR for the system as well as HA up through the OS layer.  The only thing we don't have is HA at the application layer which is what FoE would provide.

                Taking a look at the problems we have had with Orion in the past, I am fairly certain that FoE would not have helped.

                With all of that in consideration, it seems that FoE is mitigating very little risk; however, on the flip side it would double the number of Orion systems I have to maintain as well as multiply the cost of adding additional pollers by 1.5 (as we would need an FoE for each additional poller).

                Based on this, I am not sure FoE is right for us; our $$$ would probably be better put towards another polling engine, IPAM, or SEUM

                Not to discredit it as a product because it would be perfect for anybody needing a guaranteed HA environment up through the application layer.