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    Neighbor Scanning supported devices




      I would like to know which vendor are supported for Neighbor Scanning ?


      Our firewalls/routers are Checkpoint secure platform (SPLAT) which is basically Checkpoint over a linux.  Theses devices are already in NPM so SNMP is working fine but when I try to enable Neighbor Scanning on them I get the following message :


      Failed connection Help me troubleshoot
      or Manage SNMP credentials


      Thank you

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          Neighbor scanning works by scanning a neighbor's device's ARP table. We use SNMP to pull this information and the device must support it. I believe we look at the BRIDGE MIB, but I'll let someone from dev confirm that. So it really depends on if the device supports the standard MIB information (not just interface and CPU stats).

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              As Mav mention we use SNMP to pull this information and the device must support it.

              Therefore we first check if the device is capable of SNMP and supports ARP table:

              To check whether the SNMP is available we use:

              OidSysContact                 ""

              To check whether the ARP is available we use:

              OidIPNetToMediaTable          ""

              Then we pull the whole IPNetToMediaTable for the client information. If the device supports this table, then we will work with it.