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    Help required with maps



      I'm tring to setup a few maps on the dashboard with some imported backgrounds. The difficulty is setting up the maps and icons to display correctly in the main dashboard.

      When editing the maps I can pan the map around and move the icons and everything fits nicely (icons overlay in the correct position etc), but when I go back to the main dashboard everything is out of skew. - The background is either too large, too small, half missing, too much to the left, too much to the right, the icons are in the wrong place, etc, etc!

      I'm running IPMonitor 10x and I'm seriously thinking I need to get Harry Potter to help me out as I think Magic and Luck are the only options with these maps!

      Surely there must be some dimension requirements for the background.

      Whatever I try I can't get this thing to work! It's very frustrating!!!