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    Highlights and known limitations of NPM 10.2 Beta 2


      Windows Server Polling (non SNMP) 

      Points of Interest

      ·         Adding WMI nodes through discovery and Add Node. It is not possible to change WMI node to SNMP and vice-versa.

      ·         WMI polling:

      o    CPU & Memory (including multicore CPUs). Node Details (vendor, machine type, system name, description, location,...) Machine Type for WMI nodes is more granular than for SNMP nodes => it is not consistent with machine types for SNMP.

      o    LastBoot . Special attention to this one requested (see known limitations below, others?)

      o    Volumes . When the volume label or volume letter is changed we will remap the volume and continue polling but volume caption is not updated (because this caption can contain custom value)

      Known issues and limitations:

      ·         Virtual Memory and Physical Memory volumes are not polled right now through WMI

      ·         LastBoot is not correct for Windows2000

      ·         Test button does not work for WMI nodes in Edit Node dialog

      ·         Cannot edit/delete WMI credentials

      Improved Topology (more accurate ConnectNow) 

      Points of Interest

      ·         Improvements in the Topology engine, should be tested in as many environments as possible. (IPv4, IPv6 nodes, SNMPv1,2,3, Layer2 and Layer3 nodes )

      Known issues and limitations:

      ·         None

      Standard Poller and System Manager are removed from the package

      Points of Interest

      ·         System Manager and some related applications (e.g. Monitor Polling Engines) were removed from installation package. All functionality should be available from NPM Web Console

      Known issues and limitations:

      ·          None

      Network Atlas Performance improvement

      Points of Interest

      ·         There is significant improvement in maps loading time, visible mainly on maps with many submaps, but also on maps with many objects.

      Known issues and limitations:

      ·           None


      Interface remapping


      Points of Interest

      ·         when an interface index changes, NPM should recognize this, update the index in DB and continue polling the interface

      ·         the remapping logic will now consider interface to be identical even if only it's MAC address stays the same and other properties (IfIndex, IfDescr, IfName) change .

      Known issues and limitations:

      ·         when an interface is completely removed from device and re-added later, it will remain "unknown" and needs to be deleted and re-added using List resources. This will cause loss of historical data.

      ·         caption of a remapped interface will not be updated (as it can contain custom values), even if interface name/description changes


      Points of Interest

      ·         New Memory poller for Cisco devices

      ·         HP Procurve 420 is supported

      Known issues and limitations:

      ·         This Beta version  does not run on Windows XP