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    UDT 1.0.1 Release Candidate (RC) now available!


      This service release is mainly for bug fixes and contains no new features. Below are some of the items that are fixed in the release. If you would like to have access to it before it is generally available, please respond here or send me a direct message and I will provide it for you.


      • You can now delete a port
      • You can specify which interface types you want to collect at a global or node level more easily
      • Better layer 3 data collection
      • Efficient handling of devices that previously looped when queried with bulk SNMP gets
      • Job timeout settings available in the UI
      • SNMP timeout settings available in the UI
      • Indirect connection showing on watchlist instead of direct connection
      • Guest account no longer has access to UDT port discovery or settings pages
      • SNMP bulk requests are now throttled to prevent CPU over utilization on network devices
      • UDT reports are now in UDT section