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    Assigning UnDP's to Devices


      I want to ensure that a specified group of UnDP's are all assigned to ALL of my Windows servers.  Much of this has been done but there may be one or two pollers not asssigned to some handful of servers.  There are two ways to fix this.  I can go in via the web interface and via Manage Nodes select each server  then select Assign Pollers and check any unchecked poller boxes.... very very time consuming.   Or I can go to the server console startup the Universal Device Poller highlight a poller select Assign, Group by Vendor then check the Windows check box (which will actually deselect all of the servers the poller is already assigned to) then check  that  box  again (this will now select all of the Windows Servers) then click FINISH.  While this method would be much much faster I am concerned about it somehow messing up exisiting poller indexing.  For ease of illustration lets say I have 100 Windows servers and the particular UnDP I am working with is assigned to 97 of them.  When I first click on the Windows check box the 97 already assigned will become unchecked, then when I click on the Windows check box again all 100 servers will be selected.  When I click on FINISH will NPM only assign that device poller  to the previously missing 3 servers or will it reassign that poller to all 100 servers and if thats the case is  there any  risk or downside to this.