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    Custom UDP port in IP Monitor 10


      I wish to monitor a custom UDP port, but I can't find out how to do this on IPmontor.

      Please tell me that "IP"monitor can monitor custom UDP ports!?

      If so, how?


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          This is not possible with any Network Monitoring Software.  As UDP is a sessionless protocol where blind requests are sent and hope is used to get a response, the only way to test if something is responding on a specific UDP port is to know how to communicate with it.

          For example, in order to test if SNMP is available on a system, ipMontior does not "connect" to UDP port 161.  It sends an SNMP GET request and waits for a response.  If it receives a response, it knows the port is available.  If it receives no response, it assumes that a port is closed or SNMP is not listening on that system.

          Having all that said, in order to test a UDP port, you would need to write a script that sends a command to that port and expect a response.  Once that script is written, simply use the External Process Monitor to run it.  Some example scripts that can be used with ipMonitor are found here:


          Hope this all makes sense.


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