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    Is it possible to wrap output line in Report Writer?


      I have created a Advanced SQL Report that requires several related custom properties to be printed.  This makes for a very long print line.  Is there is a way to wrap the header and data lines?  Is there a SQL function that will do this?

      For example:

      Heading Col1  Col2  Col3  Col4  Col5  Col6  Col7  Col8  Col9  Col10

      Heading Col11  Col12  Col13  Col14  Col15  Col16  Col17  Col18  Col19  Col20

      Data      CP1  CP2  CP3  CP4  CP5  CP6  CP7  CP8  CP9  CP10

      Data      CP11  CP12  CP13  CP14  CP15  CP16  CP17  CP18  CP19  CP20