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    Net Flow Not seeing Network Nodes with SFlow enabled.........

      I have run into what would be a show stopper for me using Orion Net Flow.  We are installing new Brocade MX switches in all of our facilities.  All interfaces on the new Brocade switches are SFlow enabled and forwarding. 

      We use Orion NPM to monitor our entire Enterprise network and all of the Brocade switches are entered into the NPM database with a managemnet IP address on a loopback interface.  We do not use actual physical interface IP's to manage our network devices in Orion. 

      I just installed our evaluation version of Network Traffic Analyizer but it will not see any of the Brocade switches unless I select to manually manage the device and go back through the 'Add Node' procedure on the web console.  The differnce this time is that I need to use an IP address of a physical interface and then the node will start populating with Net Flow data.  The problem with this is that now I have two (2) nodes with the exact same name in my Orion NPM database but each node is known with a different IP address.  What this means is that by the time we finsh with our Network rebuild i will need to double the size of my NPM database becuse the Netflow module will not use the nodes that are already being monitored.

      The other problem with this is that ther is no way to discern between the 2 nodes which one is for Sflow and which one is for Orion...  Is ther a way to get the Netflow analyizer to use the nodes that are already in the NPM database?