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    virtual machine showing up as unknown node in Orion NPM


      I have a VMware virtual machine that is showing up in NPM as "Unknown".  When I list resources for the node it does not display the network adapter.  This is a Win 2003 server where I recently uninstalled Symantec Endpoint protection. The uninstall procedure corrupted the network adapter (something about a Teefer2 conflict).  Anyway, the only way to restore network connection was to uninstall the network adapter and let it find it again on the reboot.

      If I look at the virtual machine, device manager, it shows "VMware Accelerated AMD PCNet Adaper".  Why isn't Orion NPM picking this up?  Is the problem on the windows server, the VMware vCenter, or Orion NPM?

      Our environment is Orion NPM 10.1.3, VMware vCenter Server v4.1, virtual machine Window Server 2003 Standard, SP2.

      Thanks for any help with this.

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          I assume you are talking about a specific guest and not the host.

          Do you see any other SNMP statistics from the server? For example, does CPU and Volume polling still work? Try adding the node again and see if that clears up the issue.

          The host uses a different method to detect the NIC which is why it works there but not in NPM. You may try restarting the SNMP service on the guest then trying to re-discover the interfaces.

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            Richard Nicholson

            I would try and make sure that once you have deleted the Node from SW make sure the NodeID (Node) and all subsequent information around this NodeID are removed from the database as well.  This means jumping into it and checking and manually removing any left over information.  If that doesn't work I would say you might need to open a ticket if all other objects are responding to SNMP polls.  If you are getting SNMP information on other objects this would suggest that the SNMP Get information is there, but for whatever reason SW is ignoring it, or it's being processed incorrectly around that Node.  I haven't seen SNMP work from a server and it be missing information from polled OIDS that are are apart of the MIB that is used.  Maybe someone has, but I sure haven't.


            On a side note here is some VM terms to help out a bit.


            Lets use a picture that I copied and just pasted in from another post by travis_vanholland to help us out!!  Even though you can find this picture not blacked out in another post, these were showing Public facing IP addresses, and I won't re-post someones information that I don't control.


            Cluster - Group of ESX Host or Group of Blades in a Chassis is how I describe this to new guys/ladies in the VM world.

                                In the picture this would be AUNE HA CLUSTER.  Each node listed is a physical blade in a chassis.


            ESX Host - Node that belongs to a cluster and can host x amount of guest based on its resources. This is where the actual different VM environments are built based on user needs.

                                In out picture this would be the IP's shown under AUNE HA CLUSTER.  In this instance they are Public facing IP's and don't have a FQDN attached to the IP so we don't see any DNS name from a resolution, or they were customized by the user that way.


            Guest - These are the Windows, Linux, Oracle, Unix boxes that are built on a ESX Host.  An ESX Host can have a different number VM Host built on them depending on resources available and resources needed by that guest.  I have some Blades with 20+ host and some with 6.

                                In our picture these would be shown only when the ESX Host is expanded.  In the Virtualization Tab of SW you can see guest that are monitored by SW and guest that have been spun up on the ESX Host, but not added to monitoring by NPM.  These are shown by the name being grayed out and in italics like this.  Host that are added are shown in bold lettering.



            So to point it all out using what this picture shows.


            AUNE-VCTR111 - this is the VCenter that is being attached to with SW.  All the information regarding the VM environment is pulled from this VCenter.

            AUNE DATACENTER - This is the Datacenter location for any Cluster and child groups listed under the Datacenter label.

            AUNE HA CLUSTER - This is a Cluster or group of Blades in a certain datacenter.

            BLACKED OUT IP - This is the Blade or ESX Host where the individual VM's will be spun up depending on need.

            GUEST - This would be seen if the BLACK OUT IP (ESX Host) grouping was expanded.


            I didn't single out VCenter and VCenter Datacenters for the obvious reason that they kind of explain themselves, but if needed just ask and I will chime in about it, or someone can jump in!