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    Introducing... Log & Event Manager!

    nicole pauls

      Hey All,

      Check out the new-new-new SolarWinds Log & Event Manager! If you haven't checked it out yet, our site's got a ton of details about what Log & Event Manager is, how it can help you with operations, compliance, and security, and why it's awesome. Complete with overview video - I even let the head geek take a break on this one.


      The Log & Event Manager team is pretty excited to be a part of the SolarWinds family - they're already lining up log-related catch phrases and (admittedly mostly bad) puns for the coveted SolarWinds stickers and buttons. (I'll spare you the puns.)

      As with all SolarWinds products and teams, we rely on you to drive our roadmap, and we'll be looking to Thwack for the inside scoop. Feel free to post here, contact me directly, or use the form on the site to get in touch with someone on our team. We've also got a ton of super smart customers looking forward to lending their wisdom here on Thwack, so I hope to see the discussions get going soon (the forum admittedly feels a little lonely).


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          John Kwasnik

          hello --

          Can Log & Event Manager be used to track stats on Windows Media Server logs (WMS_*.log)?


          Thanks much,

          John Kwasnik for

          CA Dep't. of General Services

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              nicole pauls

              Hi John,

              We haven't seen this one before, so I did some quick digging. Everything here is based on what I could find online.

              We do have IIS/W3C logging connectors, but those won't catch the WMS-specific fields out of the box. You'd be able to search 100% of the data, but we would need to do some improvement work on our end to create a connector (or modify the out of the box IIS connector) to surface more of the useful fields to the real-time/normalized system.

              You'd also want to name/rotate them consistent with the patterns for other IIS/W3C logs, but from the configuration details I've seen in a quick search, that should be completely doable. From a configuration perspective inside of LEM, you'd install a LEM Agent on the server(s) with the logs in question, then configure the connectors inside the LEM Console.

              We do add new connectors (and update connectors) as they add value to our customers. It's something we would explore as a part of implementation.

              Hope that helps.

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                  Compared to EventSentry, how is your product different? We get email alerts when such and such occurs that meets the criteria.

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                      nicole pauls

                      In general, LEM has support for a diverse amount of devices (beyond just operating system event logs, including network devices, security tools & apps, general network and system apps), a sophisticated real-time correlation engine for cross-domain correlation (i.e. network to operating system to security information), awesome interactive monitoring, analysis, and search capabilities, and all of the important compliance reporting.


                      The biggest difference is probably the diversity of support, which broadens your visibility beyond just event logs.