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    Report Writer Question


      We have 3 sites that are currently monitored by Orion NPM 10.1 which I will call sites A, B, C.  Each site has connectivty via VPN.  We will soon be merging sites B and C (all users will reside at a single site) so I am trying to get a feel for how much bandwidth will be needed after the merge. 

      What I would like to do is run a report that will give me the percentage of total traffic JUST between sites B and C so I can subtract that from my calculations (Since B & C will be on one network the WAN traffic will become LAN traffic). 

      I've tried modifying existing reports and creating new ones but I can't figure out how to get the data I need.  I need to run a report so that I can see only the percentage of utilization from B -> C and from C -> B and subtract that from the total bandwidth required for the new site.  Hopefully someone can help.

      Thanks in advance and hopefully I've explained this clearly.