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    File Analysis Stats report


      When I run this report, I see a couple of dozen scans either inprogress- scanning/queued.  the problem is that they are not currently running.  Most of them are from just a few hosts, that have since been removed from profiler. 

      Does anyone have any idea on how to "remove" them from this report?  Its a little painful trying to find progress on real FA stats with weeding though the false positives.

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          In STM 5.0, I see the same thing, where deleted resources still show up in the File Analysis Stats report. I think a good work around to filter out those that were deleted a long time ago is to create a my report based on the 'File Analysis Stats' report with a filter on 'Resource Name' not like the resource you deleted (I know this might be tedious and if you ever add that resource back, you will have to remember to remove the filter). Another is to filter on start time < sometime that seems appropriate (here, I wish we could put in systime because we could subtract some time value to get a time within the last week, month, etc but we cannot). I would not filter on no end time because you will filter out any File Analysis that has not completed.

          I think this is a bug because I do not think I need to be concerned with a resource I am not monitoring anymore.

          I hope this helps!

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            Garrett Gross

            Bill - 

            You can clear the fa stats report by running the following from a MySQL prompt:

            truncate ent_fa_stats;