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    Orion Event commenting


      Hi There,

      While I use Orion NPM primarily to monitor my network, it is also used to report on various statistics. Something I miss though, is being able to save a specific event and being able to report on saved events.

      What I have in mind is this:

      Say I have a link that is being saturated from 1pm to 4pm and NTA shows me exactly what is happening (ie a user is resyncing his/her 400MB Outlook mailbox from the central Exchange server across the 1Mbps pipe). I then want to be able to select that data (graph) and save it as a custom event with some comments (probably also want to categorize the event). That data should then be preserved so that I can get back to it even after weeks.

      THis way I can then create a report at the end of the week showing how many of those events were user generated and/or system generated (ie a AV/WSUS update).

      This is of course just one sample of an event I'd like to be able to save. Basically any anomaly that occurs I potentially want to be able to save.