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    Firefox Support?


      Are any versions of Firefox supported in ipMonitor v10?  I'm getting a "Browser is not supported!" error in the dashboard (map) - yes, with an exclamation point, as if Firefox 4 is some sort of rare anomaly.  Before I upgrade to Firefox 5, can somebody please confirm for me that it is supported by ipMonitor 10?  I really don't want to perform this upgrade if it won't help, being that one of my critical browser plug-ins isn't yet supported in Firefox 5.

      For the record, I've tried researching this question on my own, but every Google result that hits the mark resolves to a SolarWinds portal page with nothing relevant to the indexed topic.  I'm not sure what SolarWinds is doing to trip up Google, but it's very frustrating!  [Note appropriate application of exclamation point.]  ;-)

      Any input is greatly appreciated.