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    Creating new objects with copy creates duplicates



      Back in the "old days" when I wanted to create a new object using the same icon, etc. as another one, I could just copy and past the object into a map, then change the assignment to the object I wanted. If I do this now in 10.1 the old object still exists in the map along with the assigned object.

      For example if I copy routerA and paste it into a map, then go in and cancel the assignment, it shows Unassigned. However, if I look at the Map in Orion I see the RouterA asset under the map. There is no where I can find that there is a link to this object in Atlas.


      Even if I assign RouterB to the object, it still shows RouterA and RouterB on the map (and will show updown on both).

      Other than creating a new object(s) everytime, how can I duplicate the objects I want for a new map so the sizing and appearance stays the same?


      I did not like the old way either, but it was a lot better than the above behavior.




      Bob James