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    Top XX Errors & Discards Today report


      I have a custom asp built that displays multiple reports on one page so we can see active alerts, top 25 latency nodes, and top 25 interfaces by % utilization.

      I am trying to add the Top XX Errors & Discards Today information so we can see top 25 interfaces with errors on the same page.

      I built my own SQL query (see below) but cant seem to get the same results as the standard resource shows.

      where can I find the SQL query associated with this out of the box top 10 errors and discards today report?

      My issue is with the order by, I want to show the top 25 and sort by all 4 columns of errors so that the interfaces with the highest errors will show ontop of the list just like the standard out of the box resource.


      select top 25 dbo.Nodes.Caption, dbo.Interfaces.Caption, Interfaces.OutDiscardsToday, OutErrorsToday, InDiscardsToday, InErrorsToday
      from interfaces
      join nodes on dbo.Interfaces.NodeID = dbo.Nodes.NodeID
      where OutDiscardsToday >= 1000 or OutErrorsToday >= 1000 or InDiscardsToday >= 1000 or InErrorsToday >= 1000
      order by 3, 4, 5, 6 desc