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    Riverbed UnDP Question For The Guru's


      I have the oids imported and assigned to my riverbeds and am collecting that data. My problem which is only cosmetic is how do I display the data as a non-decimal number. Where total connections has 0.774 I would rather see just 744 and the same for the established.

      I tried going into the properties of the OID and editing the advanced options of the MIB value data, but had no luck. There must be a formula I can use, or a transformer of some sort. I just don't know how to do it, or where to look.

      There also seems to be some inconsistencies with the numbers not matching up exactly to what the steelheads show. Again, just cosmetic, as it is only with in 10.

      bwPassThroughTotal 30.448 Kmps 1:19 PM
      establishedConnections 0.697 1:19 PM
      health Healthy 1:19 PM
      model 5050 (5050H) 1:19 PM
      serialNumber R50WY000899DB 1:23 PM
      serviceStatus running 1:19 PM
      systemVersion rbt_sh 6.5.1a #100_26 2011-06-21 17:27:07 x86_64 root@brno:svn://svn/mgmt/branches/canary_100_fix_branch 1:19 PM
      totalConnections 0.774 1:19 PM
      totalConnections  0.774  1:19 PM
      establishedConnections  0.697  1:19 PM
      thanks in advance!