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    Anaylizing My network ussage


      Ok, we use fluke netflow and our license expired long time ago, so we can't upgrade. My manager asked me to look for solarwinds for to take an assessment of our ussage. We are doind this because we our moving our Data Center from our HQ to a Colo, so we want to know what are our ussage to determine how big of the point to point pipe is going to be from the Colo to our building. So I have installed Solarwinds NPM and Netflow traffic analizer. Now, I'm new with solardwind, is there any other application on the solarwind suit that will help me acomplish what I want and also how do you guys do it.

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          Did you configure your routers to send the netflow data and are you seeing the data you need? Those are definitely the best places to start. The only additional component I would recommend is IP SLA Manager. This can be used to run tests over your network to better understand other relevant metrics such as latency. 

          It may be helpful for you to engage a Sales Engineer so they can give you a quick demo and help your configure your environment.