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    Delete issues after missing file


      I have downloaded the free tftp server software. I wanted to use the software to add an update image for a cisco 2503 router but when i wennt to the root file it was empty. I tried to repair the file with the in built file repair option but it raised an error to say that i have to be running at least windows xp with service pack2 on it. I am running WinXP pro N service pack 3 2002 edition. I wanted to delete the program (TFTP Server) but when i go to remove programs it asks if I want to repair or remove. If i go to repair, it says it can't because of my OS, if I go to remove it says 'the following applications are using files that are needed to complete this set up. Close these applications and click retry to continue'


      There are no files being used anywhere else so i cannot delete this program. I would appreciate some help.