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    Save custom HTML as a resource?


      Hi guys,

      I just wanted to start by saying that I'm rubbish at any sort of scripting, coding or programming!

      Basically, I've got a custom HTML box, which I use for a number of different views. If I want to update the HTML, I'd currently have to change it on around 7 or 8 different views, which gets tiresome. What I wanted was the ability to save this particular custom html resource, so that I only need to modify it once.

      I've found the directory: C:\Inetpub\Solarwinds\Orion\NPM\Resources

      I thought I'd look at the existing ascx files, and find a way to copy / modify one to suit me, but I can't find out for the 'custom html' resource!

      Any chance someone knows how I'd be able to do this?