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    Orion NPM vs. IPMonitor


      Hi, all.

      I'm a longtime user of ipMonitor but our maintenance contract has us on Orion NPM.  [?!?!]

      Perusing NPM's docs for the first time, it's a bit intimidating for my modest 24-node server farm.  More importantly, I can't find anywhere that it supports:

      • service monitoring
      • automatic service recovery
      • remote service management

      These are the critical functions of ipMonitor that I use daily.  Does NPM not offer this?

      If not, I have no choice but to stick with ipMonitor and figure out just what happened with our maintenance contract.  Weird.  [But it's probably my fault.  It usually is.]

      Any input is greatly appreciated.


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          Hi Dave_D,

          If there is a problem with your maintenance contract can you please contact customer services. You can find all the contact information here.

          With regards to your question about service monitoring and remote service management you are correct. NPM does not do this, however one of the NPM modules - called Application Performance Monitor does. This is an extra module that you need to purchase however so if your installation is very small you probably need to stick with ipMonitor.