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    List resources of multiple nodes



        Looking for a way to list resources of multiple nodes and then generate a report.

        In NPM's web console or system manager, I can only list resource of a node at a time. And the built-in report only shows monitored interfaces. But I want to have figures of all interfaces, including non-monitored ones, on the nodes.



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          Hi Kurochan,

          It is not possible to list resources for multiple nodes unless you are doing a Network Discovery.

          Also you cannot run a report that will show interfaces and ports and volumes that are not being managed in NPM as the data would not be in the database.

          A possible solution for this would be for you to add the interfaces and ports that you do not want monitored and set them to unmanaged.

          This way the data would be in the database and you could run a report on them but you would not be polling them.