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    Browser Support


      Probably more of a bug, but thought I'd bring it up here...

      I can open ipMonitor 10.5 RC in IE9, Firefox 5.0 and Chrome and login, however in Chrome (Version 12.0.742.112 as of this writing) I can't navigate to any of my devices. I can move between the tabs/buttons on top. Fully functional in the other browsers, Chrome seems to be the exception. 


      If theres a way to get this to work that i dont know about, i'm all ears, as i'd rather stick to one browser. 

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          Hi Jnelson - we don't officially support Chrome but we have it on the feature request list as a lot of our customers use it - and so do many of us! (I'm using it now in fact.) I would hope we can provide that support very soon. 


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              I'm very curious as to how you're able to use Chrome (or Safari) for IPMonitor at all?  I have to use Firefox on my Mac because Chrome and Safari (any WebKit browser, actually) fail at simple GUI navigation - like expanding folders in the tree view of the Monitors tab.

              Are there any tricks I'm unaware of?  WebKit browsers used to work in earlier 10.x versions of IPM, but 10.5 really broke a lot of things.