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    Interested in trying out IPAM?--Let us watch your first use and win a gift certificate!

    Kellie Mecham

      Have you been thinking of using IPAM to manage IP addresses?  If you've not yet used it, and are currently using a spreadsheet for this task, we want you!

      The week of July 18th we'll be running 1 hour meetings to get feedback on the first time use experience--specifically, what's it's like for a first time user to import their addresses from their spreadsheet into IPAM.   You can either install the product ahead of the 1 hour meeting, and wait to import your IP addresses until our scheduled meeting, or if you prefer, we'll have a demo environment set up and you can import your IP addresses there (no worries about privacy, you can even watch us revert the demo environment and clear your data at the end of the session).

      This is a win-win--we get usability data on current issues with the experience, and you get the opportunity to try out IPAM and have us provide tips and tricks at the end of the session for a successful import.  Oh yeah--we'll also be providing $25 amazon gift cards in exchange for your time.

      contact kellie.mecham@solarwinds.com  if you've got an inclination to try out IPAM and some free time the week of July 18.  We're limited to 3-4 people, so respond quickly if you're interested!