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    Wrong Interface Speeds -- SQL Power Fix?



      I am doing my initial add of my environment. A large amount of the interface speeds are wrong. 

      What is the best way to fix that across the board?

      I.E. something like the following?


      Update SolarWindsOrion.dbo.Interfaces

      Set CustomBandwidth = 1000000000


      InterfaceSpeed = 100000

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          Almost - CustomBandwidth is a boolean value to let it know its custom, its the InBandwidth and OutBandwidth too which all need to be set.

          Something like this:

          UPDATE Interfaces
          SET CustomBandwidth = 1, InBandwidth = 1000000000, OutBandwidth = 1000000000
          InterfaceSpeed = 100000

          You can confirm the changes by looking at an Interface via the GUI.