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    How to install Additional Polling Engine ??


      Hello All,

      I am trying to install additional polling engine for my remote site. i have download installer (Orion_Additional_Polling_Engine_version.zip). But i am confuse that do i have run this setup on my main orion server or should i run this installer on new remote server?

      if i run this setup on remote server than how it will detect my main server and main database?

      Actually my requirement is to monitor remote site with additional polling engine.

      I have read installation method from administration guide but i am still confuse

      Please help



      Waqas Ahmed

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          Run the extracted installer on the server you are using for your additional polling engine. When you extract the additional polling engine package, you will see a document with instructions.


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              You don’t need to invoke the Configuration Wizard per se, it will naturally invoke itself just to make sure that everything is kosher on the DB level anyways.


              The CW should launch automatically on the tail end of each Additional Poller install so just let it launch and sync itself with the rest of the engineIDs and that should address that part.


              Once the primary and all FOUR additional pollers have run and then have thus run through the CW then all 5 servers should then be in sync with each other.



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              I just went through installing an additional polling engine, and was also confused by the instructions. Here are my notes:


              1. Extract the zip on your remote server.

              2. Run the Solarwinds-Orion-AdditionalPoller executable on your remote server.

              3. The first part of the install process asks for the address of your main server, and a user to log into your main server with.

              4. The installer then checks all the requirements are met from the main server and installs the appropriate components.

              5. The license dialogue appears after installation.

              6. Either license, or use the 30 day eval, but don't think you are done at this point. Wait patiently for the Configuration Wizard to appear. Don't let the server restart for patches, like I did the first time.

              7. Configuration Wizard will start, and configure the necessary components, provided your remote server has access to your Database.


              Once installed, the additional poller should appear in the Web GUI from your main server. After I had the additional poller installed I ran into a couple of other issues. The poller appeared on the main server, but the main server could not access the Orion license information on the additional poller, and NCM couldn't access the additional poller either. I had to add a host entry on the main server to point to the IP/FQDN/Name of the additional polling server, and I also had to open port 17777 on a firewall between the main server and the additional poller. If things don't seem to be working correctly, try using telnet from your main server to connect to port 17777 on the additional polling server.