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    ET 10.7 / NPM context menu not wide enough


        After upgrading to ET 10.7, the right-click context menu typically associated with the ET tools (the one that gives you Telnet but not SSH for some reason) isn't wide enough and has an odd shadow below it:


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          Hi Sol--

          I'll let the PM know in case it's a known issue.

          Also, I checked the support logs and didn't see it there. So you may want to open a support ticket b/c they may be able to help you reset it.

          If you open a support ticket, would you:

          --Reference this thread to Support.
          --Post back here with a case number.
          --Post any solutions you get from Support.

          Many thx,


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            Hi Sol - 

            I think what is happening is that the current integration method between Orion and Toolset is not enabled.  You can verify this by following the directions below:

             The list of Services on the machine should show “SolarWinds Orion Toolset Integration Service” and it should have a status of “Started”. If it doesn’t, you should start the service. Also, the SolarWinds Toolset Integration tray application should be running. If not they can start it as: Start Menu -> SolarWinds Engineers Toolset -> Utilities -> Launch Toolset Integration Application.

            If the tray icon shows a green ball then it is talking to the service. If it shows a red ball it is not talking to the service.

            Refresh the Orion web page. It should now be using the current method of integration.

            That should solve the issue. If it doesn't, please let us know.