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    exchange server monitors


      I am having trouble getting monitors set up on an exchange server.  The server is in our development domain, and we have set up a service account in the development domain with the necessary credentials needed to set up disk space, and service monitors but when I try and add the monitors with the set credentials I receive the message stating there is no disk or there are no services to be monitored.  I have tried adding the credentials every way I can think of, and have had our Windows admin verify that WMI is configured properly on both the exchange server we wish to monitor and the box we have ipMonitor on, but the only monitor I can get working properly is ping. 

      Does anyone have any suggestions to help solve this issue.  The same credentials set for the development domain has worked on other boxes for service and disk space monitoring just cant seem to get it working on the exchange box.




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          The problem is likely occuring because ipMonitor is attempting to impersonate the account on the development domain, which is not possible because one cannot impersonate an account on a domain other than the one you are in.  To work around this, open the Credential you are trying to use by going to "Configuration -> Credential List" and selecting the following option and deselecting everything else:

          -May be used with NTLM Authentication Schemes (Windows NT Lan Manager)

          Once this is done, try rescaning the exchange server using this modified credential and see if it finds additional resources.

          Let me know.

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