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    No VMDK data for one VC


      Hello. I've upgraded from Profiler to STM 5, all appeared well until I tried to report on VMDK files for one of our VirtualCenter instances - there is no data for VMDK files. Storage is showing for virtual disks, ESX and EVA, VMDKs are also ok for our other VC.

      I also have a minor annoyance that some of my scheduled reports, when imported to Excel from csv, append " | " followed by a random number in certain fields. It seems to affect mainly DNS names for hosts and VMs;

      ESX Host Name - ESX999999.domain.co.uk | 19

      I can strip these extra characters using Excel's Find and Mid functions but it's not ideal as the master spreadsheet uses external links to STM reports.

      Any pointers please?

      Cheers, Lee.