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    Starting over in UDT PR2, blanking tables since we can't remove ports/devices yet ...


      I'd like to wipe out my UDT tables and start over because I've got some trunked ports being monitored and it's throwing off the accuracy.   I'm not familiar enough with sql to do this on my own; had tech support remote in and do it for me once already.

      Can some one tell me how to do this?  I think if I just knew what to put in the sql query, I can do it for all of the tables.


      I'm not sure if this is related; I've seen other posts that seem to be having similar issue, but for a while I was getting ip and mac info on all of my switches, but lately I'm only getting macs - no IPs - on my Cisco switch ports.  I tried uninstall/reinstalling UDT, but that had no effect, which is partly why I want to start over.