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    NPM Event Notification



      is there any way to set a notification (Email) for NPM Events?

      i  have set some notifications for alerts but i want to NPM notify me by  email whenever a node added to network. as you know there is an event  about it which its type is Node Added, but i can't set any notification for it.

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          Here is a way to get this done.

          1.Open Start-->All Programs-->Alerting,Reporting and Maping-->Advance Alert Manager

          2.Select Configure Alert and then click 'New' option

          3.You must be able to take care of the 'General' Tab,coming to 'Trigger Condition' tab.Select the dropdown option for the field "Tyope of Property to Monitor" and select "Custom SQL Alert" option.And for the field "Set up your Trigger Query" select the option "Node". 

          4.Key in the following Query

          select message from Events where EventType=9 and EventTime= 'mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss AM/PM'

          Please enter the current date and time on your server in the above Query.So any new Node added from this particular date and time will trigger the email alerts.

          5.Now we move to 'Trigger Actions' tab and select the option "Add New Action".

          6.Make sure the following tabs are filled in appropriately.

          Email/Pager Address,SMTP server

          7.Regarding the 'Message' tab,you could enter information like below

          Subject:New Node Added



          So once this is set,you must start seeing the email alerts whenever a New Node is added to the NPM server.

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            thank you all.

            it seems I need to upgrade my NPM for this.