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    All IPs are shown as Available!



      I installed Orion IPAM and it managed to fetch DHCP data from Cisco 7201 DHCP server.

      The problem is all IPs shown as "Available" while when I do: show users in the cisco device I can see that IPs assigned to users.

      Also, when I do "sh ip dhcp binding" there is no result?! Any thoughts why there is no records here?

      Manual Binding is not configured.


      sh ip dhcp pool



      Pool NAMEOFPOOL :

       Utilization mark (high/low)    : 100 / 0

       Subnet size (first/next)       : 0 / 0 

       Total addresses                : 1022

       Leased addresses               : 0

       Pending event                  : none

       1 subnet is currently in the pool :

       Current index        IP address range                    Leased addresses

       x.x.x.x.26                     x.x.x.x.1     - x.x.x.254                    0




      sho ip dhcp binding



      Bindings from all pools not associated with VRF:

      IP address          Client-ID/              Lease expiration        Type

                          Hardware address/

                          User name

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          If show ip dhcp binding doesn't display any results, the the DHCP server is telling IPAM that no addresses are used.

          show user is typically for showing the users logged into the router. Are you sure that the DHCP server is really giving out leases? Can you provide the output of show user just in case? Also, what version of IOS are you running?


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              Thanks Mav, yes, DHCP server is working.

              DHCP leasing public IPs, so I replaced IPs with x.x.x.x

              Version: Version 12.4(12.2r)T



              ZXY-R72-01#sh users 

                  Line       User       Host(s)              Idle       Location

                 2 vty 0     user1     idle                 00:06:06 x.x.x.222

              *  3 vty 1     user2       idle                 00:00:00 x.x.x.13


                Interface    User               Mode         Idle     Peer Address

                Vi4          82950         PPPoE        00:05:03 x.x.x.9

                Vi5          221275         PPPoE        04:34:50 x.x.x.183

                Vi6          220287         PPPoE        04:10:59 x.x.x.36

                Vi7          aaaaa              PPPoE        02:00:36 x.x.x.169

                Vi8          221364         PPPoE        1d03h    x.x.x.148

                Vi11        82793         PPPoE        00:26:28 x.x.x.199

                Vi12        218028         PPPoE        07:42:20 x.x.x.231

                Vi14        52934         PPPoE        00:27:12 x.x.x.217

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                  It's probably best that you open a support case for this. The information you have in the table from show users doesn't indicate DHCP leases but tty sessions.

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                    Your 7206 is definately not the one handing out DHCP addresses.  Those IP's you're seeing there are the IP addresses of the client at the other end of the telnet/TTY connection...

                    The IP address you see may very well be part of your DHCP scope, it's just not being handed out by your 7206.

                    Best way to tell is find your layer 3 address(gateway) for a subnet.  Look at the config for the vlan interface.  In cisco devices, it's "sh run int vlan XX"...

                    There, you will see "ip helper-address xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx" .........  That is where your DHCP addresses are coming from.  99.999% chance you won't see your 7206's IP address listed there.


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                        Thanks tadavis.

                        Actually, there are no int vlan on the router, however, there are sh ip local pool that shows the pools with usage and free IPs and this is not what is used by Orion IPAM to monitor IP usage.

                        So, I was wrong, this is not a DHCP server apparently, it hands out PPPoE users IP through local pools.

                        Thanks again tadavis, MarieB and Mav turner.