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    SolarWinds To Acquire TriGeo


      I haven't seen anything posted on this yet, 

      When will we start seeing some integration of this in NPM or other Solarwinds products?

      This is a huge score for SolarWinds!!

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          Thanks.  We think it's a huge score, too.  It's a great product, and a great team.  We don't have timelines on integration yet since the deal is not officially closed.  But here's my question to you:  What kind of integration are you looking for?  What problems would you want to us to solve with integration?  It's important question because there are lots of potential touchpoints.

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              What I would like to see is more integration into current products that Solarwinds is aquireing instead of seperate modules that I feel we keep having to try and get management to purchase becasue the new products are not integrated into the current line of Solarwinds products we use. This goes with the virtualization piece  in NPM along with user tracking which could easily fit into NPM or NCM which is where I can see this fitting into nicely. Solarwinds has several new products that I am trying to get some management support to purchase because I can see how usefull they will be to our datacenter team.

              I know Solarwinds needs to be inovative and put out new products but some of us have been using NPM for years and would like a little more integration of some of the new stuff just to be added to keep our costs down, this is just a wish.

              I guess bits and pieces of all of TriGeo products could be fit into several of the Solarwinds products. I would hope that most if not all of these are just rolled up into NCM that would make me and a lot of people very happy.

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                What kind of integration are you looking for?

                I will attempt to reply to this question because I think it's a really good one...

                To quote a previous post I recall seeing; if we can monitor it, we also want to alert on it and report on it.  To add to this; we also want to be able to correlate the data with other monitoring data that we have.

                I think the technical details of how products are integrated is less important, the important things that the integration needs to accomplish are as follows...

                • Look and feel like one cohesive system
                • Provide a single pane of glass so that the root cause of problems is immediately obvious
                • Provide correlated reports to both make and support business decisions

                I would love to see how others feel about this same question.

                Hope this helps!