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    Node details popups


      Has anyone ever made changes to the contents of the popups that appear when you hover over a node?

      For instance it displays Node name, IP Address, Machine Type, Avg Resp Time, Packet loss but I want to add a node custom property or several.

      I know what files to manipulate but it is heavy ASP so I am a little unsure.

      Any thoughts, tips or ideas would be great!

      NPM 10.1.2 SP1

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          Using the property Location, to add it, one would:

          Edit: \inetpub\SolarWinds\Orion\NetPerfMon\NodePopup.aspx
          Copy lines 16-19 an insert as new lines 20-23
          Modify table header (th) and table data (td)

              <td colspan="2"><%=Node.Location%></td>

          I can't get it to work with a custom property and every time you run the configuration wizard, the file get over-written with the solarwinds version

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            If it suits your situation you can do this on Map views.  

            If you edit the Map resource pane, on the right there should be a link to 'Customize map tooltips'.  From here you can choose what variables to add depending on the type of node, so for example on Orion.Nodes we have 'Customer: ${CustomerName}' (which is a custom property of ours). 

            Not sure why this isn't available in other parts of the GUI (or if it is, I haven't seen a link to do it!).


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              Well, what I found when I looked at this again is that when you are in a map view you can specify other properties, including custom properties but I still have not found a way to do this when hovering over nodes not in a map view.


              I will still continue to look.....