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    unmanaged note


      This is odd to me that it's still not here in this version while I put this request in when unmanaged was added and again 8 months ago.  

      unmanaged is very powerful for supporting the tracking of change tickets throughout the year as well as the availability reporting that they affect.  So, it stands to reason that one single field to enter in a change ticket or comment would make a lot of sense.  

      This would also help when looking at the reports for these unmanaged events (I can't be the only one who needs this for SOX compliance).  This isn't really a bug per most definitions but it's really bugging me.

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          Hi Sonic--

          We hear you. I've marked for PM to review and respond.


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              Feature Request to have a place to add comments to UnManagement times.

              It can be very useful to go back and find out why a device that is unmanaged for the next year was unmanaged for that long.

              It'd  also be great to make an option to make the comments required or not. I  would lean towards requiring comments so there is never a lack of  information.