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    Unable to Poll more Details



      I'm facing this problem on NPM,

      Unable to list Node Details on this particular VM


      -all the configs of snmp are the same as



      any idea where could be the cause for the polling ?



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          Are both these VM Windows Servers? It looks like first one is picked up as ICMP node.

          In 'Edit Node' can you Validate SNMP on server that is having the issue? 

          Can you restart SNMP Service on that box, and rediscover it to see if that helps?
          If still having issue, could you reinstall Simple Network Management Protocol in Windows Components.

          Thanks, Kev

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              In Edit Node , It shows as unsuccessful


              SNMP services is uninstalled , and reinstalled, even with restart

              Firewall is turned off too.


              Wondering if it NPM require other dependencies 

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                  Its more likely an issue on that Windows Server.
                  If its failing in NPM for Validate SNMP, are you sure Community String is correct?
                  Its Case sensitive. 

                  Also on that VM, it is worth checking is go into Services.msc and Properties for SNMP Service,
                  Goto SECURITY TAB, and set radial to "ACCEPT SNMP Packets from any Host"
                  And restart SNMP Service. 

                  If still having issue it might be worth seeing can you SNMP Access directly on that VM using an SNMP Tool.

                  Try above 1st hopefully that will sort issue.