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    Call for participation in usability feedback sessions

    Kellie Mecham

      Here at SolarWinds, we run many usability sessons each month where you get an opportunity to tell us how to make our products easier to use, more efficient, and more useful.

      We're always looking for all kinds of people who might be interested in providing feedback on early designs for new products or new features, or providing feedback on existing products.  We're gearing up to run lots of different research projects over the next several months, and we want to talk to you (yes, YOU), and your colleagues and fellow IT professionals everywhere!  We're particularly interested in finding any of the following:

      • people who use Hyper-V to manage their virtual environment
      • people who are new users of SolarWinds products
      • people who don't yet use any SolarWinds products
      • people who are responsible for troubleshooting issues with network performance and availability

      If you're interested in making a difference and participating, email kellie.mecham@solarwinds.com and let me know your name, your title, the products you use, and anything else you think I need to know.  I'll put you on the list and contact you when we've got something to show you.

      Thanks, thwack users!