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    Sloppy Reports Section


      I have quite a few reports that either came with Orion or are custom reports that I have created.  Up until now I have been really the only person using these reports and so I have not organized them in a very tidy manner.  Generally, I go out to my main poller where Report Writer is installed and generate them for myself.

      But now that management is getting interested in the reports that Orion can generate I am noticing how sloppy they are organized on the web interface.  There doesnt seem to be rhyme or reason to their organization.  

      Can someone lend advice on how to best format the information in the "general" tab so that they appear more organized in the web gui?

      I am thinking that I need a section for server reports, store (router node) reports, and corporate (router node) reports.

      Hope this makes sense.


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          For example.

          I have availability reports but this section shows up in custom AND node reports.  There are other reports that I feel should be grouped together that are in two or three different sections.

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              Here is a labor intensive workaround we got from Support to help in organizing the Reports webpage.  I say labor intensive because you'll likely need to do this to most or every report to achieve some level of order (from the present chaotic structure) and be more user-friendly.

              1. On the Orion server, go to Report folder, C:\Program Files (x86)\SolarWinds\Orion\Reports

              2. Open a report in Notepad or some text editor. The first line in the report includes the following.

              <Report Version="1.0" Group="Historical Traffic Reports" ModuleTitle="NPM Reports" Title="95th Percentile Traffic Rate - Last 7 Days" . . .

              3. ModuleTitle identifies the high order report group name on the Reports webpage like Application Reports, Custom, Group Reports, Node Reports and NPM Reports.  ModuleTitle may or may not be specified.  OOTB reports may or may not have ModuleTitle.  If it is missing or the text string is blank (ModuleTitle=""), reports will fall under the high level group "Custom".   Depending on the report template you used to create the custom report, will determine whether ModuleTitle will/will not be inserted.  At least that's my theory right now. I haven't taken the time to reason out why some reports are populated with ModuleTitle and others are not.  Anyway, if you want to create/assign a new high order group or regroup your reports on the Website, add or change the ModuleTitle.   If you want to create/rename a subgroup (i.e., Report Writer groups) you need to change Group="Events" (also manageable from within Report Writer).  SW should provide a way to manage ModuleTitle via Report Writer.

              Hope this is helpful.