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    best way to monitor the core switch


        Today I have solarwinds in the same VLAN as most of the devices in our datacenter. Problem was I had a broadcast storm which caused solarwinds to stop being able to poll or send me email alerts that something was wrong.

       I am thinking it might make more sense to move it to a new vlan of it's own but wanted to see how others are doing it.




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          It depends on what you are after.  A broadcast storm will normally kill a CPU and so it does not matter what VLAN you were in as they would all suffer as the switch as a whole suffers

           So monitoring something like CPU and MEM with a quick trigger is important in my mind as well as syslog. 

          And in actuality with a spanning-tree loop or a broadcast storm outside of CPU it is very hard to detect anything is wrong unless you have a high end switch and have black-plane monitoring or storm control in place.