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    SolarWinds NFR software


      I’m a contractor and have introduced SolarWinds products to every one of my clients since 2003, some of them growing into very substantial Orion installations. I’m not currently working with any large clients, but I still need to run, train and monitor in my own small office. I cannot dedicate time to rebuilding my monitoring solution every month and I have found an alternate product that allows me to monitor up to 10 devices for free without any other limitations. When I meet with clients and prospects I always end up singing the praises of the SolarWinds suite and I feel such a traitor not using the line-up in my own home office!

      I know that there was talk of a Not For Resale limited-element version of the suite for SCPs to maintain their skills and to use at home; did it ever make it to be a real discussion point at SW HQ?



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          6 months later....I agree. As a Cisco pre-sales engineer I pimp the heck out of SW. I do lots of demos, but the problem is that I have to keep rebuilding my SW server. I know I can use the online demo, but we can't get behind the scenes to show the real features. Please, please come up with a SCP license model. 

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              Hey all,

              At the moment, as you pointed out, there is no NFR license for SCP. But, there are reseller NFR licenses (robertcbrowning) and a Cisco-lab NFR license (ceclark) that were created at one point. Both of you should be able to call us here and talk with a channel sales rep for more information about securing one.

              I know it is quite a process to get an NFR license created, but I will make the desire known and report back. Our SCP program lead, Patrick, will probably be reaching out to you, also.