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    Query - Huawei Router Config Backup


      Hello All,

      I am trying to take the backup configuration of Huawei NE80e routers thru KiwiCatTools. I have properly configured the tool and it is taking backup configuration correctly when authenticate with user-level 3.

      I want to run this tool thru level 1 user. When I change the level of the user from 3 to 1, the script don't run properly and following logs are observed in Info-Log file.


      "Login to <router-name> is successful

      Entering Super mode

      Waiting for an echo of Super Command

      Sending Enabling password

      unable to enter enable mode

      Password is incorrect of device."


      I have given permission to level-1 user to run "display current-configuration" command. My question is if it is possible to bypass the step where it is running command "super" to gain the super user access. If it is not possible to alter the script, then please confirm whether we can achieve this goal through custom scripting or not? 


      Goal :

      Taking backup configuration of Huawei NE80e routers thru kiwi cat tools.

      Thru user with level-1 rights.

      Level-1 has the privilege to run "display current-configuration" command. Verified by running on CLI.


      Anyone who has experienced please guide me in this regard.


      Many Thanks.